Young Person's Writing Competition
Winner 2020

Since January, children ages six to eleven have been writing to take part in the competition through their school or Chorley’s Inspire Youth Zone.

Entrants had the opportunity to be creative, writing up to 500 words to explore the theme of ‘New Worlds, New Words’ allowing them to write about new experiences and discoveries that have excited them.

This year’s winner, with a poem ‘My Life’s Discoveries’ is…

Lewis Woodcock, age 9

‘My Life’s Discoveries’

When I was born I discovered life,
eight years later I watched mum and dad become husband and wife.

When I turned one I discovered how to walk,
a few weeks later I found out how to talk.

When I was two I discovered hot wheels toys,
and it made lots of noise.

One year later I discovered cars, cars two and cars three,
and I loved the movie.

When I was four I went to France,
I discovered Disney characters like to dance.

A year later I discovered maths,
I loved it that much I’d count blocks on paths.

When I was six I discovered McDonalds hash browns,
my grandad got me two when we went through town.

A whole year later I asked Santa for an Xbox,
but I found out he was cheeky when he wrapped an egg box.

The next year I turned eight I discovered my new street,
I loved it because I could get to my nana’s with my feet.

Now I’m nine I’ve discovered so much in so little time,
how much will I discover in fifty years time.